Thursday, September 3, 2009


Don't u just hate Mondays? I think mostly everybody hate Monday..especially me...mmm..why? Di tambah pula yesterday is a public holiday for Selangor - Nuzul Quran...I mean, over the weekend, I find out how great it would be if I never had to work again. Sleeping in, channel surfing, puttering around the garden, taking my little kid to the park, flipping hamburgers on the grill.

Then on Monday, I have to stumble out of bed at the crack of dawn, dress up, gulp some chocolate shack and inch along at a snail's pace all the way to the office..commuter problem...rush for a meeting..macam lumrah je skarang nih.

Mondays remind me of all the wrong choices I've made along the way. They remind me of the dreams for the future I had as a kid that never came true. They remind me of what Robert Frost called "The road no taken".

I used to hate Mondays, myself. Really detest and loathe them. But when my dream can clearly come true..IF CAN...I want to work out of my home, set my own hours, and never sit in rush hour traffic. My longest commute is from the bedroom to my home office...

I don't miss my boss a bit. I like being my own boss and work hard at my Internet based business, sometimes harder than I did as an employee. After all, I'm reaping the full benefit of my efforts now, not slaving to make my employer rich.

It's really satisfying...I know I can never be laid off my job. I'm putting money aside for my retirement, so I don't have to worry about my employer going belly up, wiping out my pension plan. It wasn't that good plan anyway. MMM...have to think about it..

A lots of question alwayz in mine mind.....Are there days when u can barely drag yourself out of bed? When the stress of handling kids, job and chores is almost more than u can bear? Don't u wish u had the financial security and freedom to take a break from the hassles of daily life and enjoy yourself? Don't u wish every day could be Sunday?

From now I have to think about myself first...Hopefully my own business & my future planning will make me happy and forget about my would make me stress everyday...hahaha..and I can take a day off whenever I want to. I don't feel rushed morning, noon and night. I can give myself the luxury of time...of coz for my family...especially for my son.

My target when my business finally brought in enough extra income every month to quit my full time job. I thought about all the things I could do now afford, all the things my family and I could do. You'll probably laugh, but what I really I wanted most was to spend a quiet hour in the morning drinking my chocolate shake and reading paper. And every day I do. MMM...hopefully by end of this year...

Don't keep singing the Monday Blues!!

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